Course – Taiji Refined Form sections 4 to 6

In 2022 I ran a course of 10 classes to introduce the Refined Form and teach the choreography and accuracy of the first 3 sections.  This year I will continue with the remaining sections (4, 5 and 6), with a course of 10 sessions spread over the coming months. To teach this properly it is important we do not rush, and the pace will allow for revision of previous aspects. The classes will be scheduled ad hoc, with one or two classes per month, and will be recorded. Recordings will be available to attendees on a private Vimeo channel, so if you are unable to attend a particular class you can still access the recording.

The course will be of interest to anyone already familiar with the first 3 sections of the Refined Form (as far as Grasp the Sparrows Tail on the left side).

The first class will take place on Monday 16th January at 16:00 GMT.

Learning the Refined Form can be challenging at first, and will be taught in reference to its difference from, and similarity to the Short Form.  Therefore it is important that you should already be familiar with moving accurately in the Short Form.

Course title: Continuing with the Refined Form – Sections 4, 5 and 6
Course duration: 10 sessions, spread ad hoc over 6-8 months
Cost for the 10 session course:£60 if paid in full, or £7 per class if paying ad hoc.
Class format: Zoom class led by Paul Fretter
Zoom link: The link will be emailed to attendees prior to the course start.
Date of first class: Monday 16th January 16:00 GMT
Subsequent classes:  Dates will be scheduled ad hoc throughout 2023
Pre-requisites: Familiarity with the first 3 sections of the Refined Form. The student should already be confident in their practice of the Short Form

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Payment can be by card or bank transfer