What a weekend – White Crane with Wee Kee Jin October 2022

By Paul Fretter.

The seminar was held at Wacton Village Hall, Norfolk, UK – 28th-30th October 2022

Back row: (inset; Vic) , Paul, David, Olaf, Abdrew, Pete, Carlos, Jin, Karsten, Rob, James. Front row: Thomas, Bill, Dmitry, Marianne.

The three-day seminar consisted of a good balance between Forms practice (first and second), breathing exercises and copious amounts of partner training:

  • Breathing exercises: Swallow, Spit, Swallow and Spit, Empty Arrow Palms
  • Refining Forms practice: Bā Bú Lián, Èrshíbā Xiù
  • Partner training: Applications from the Bā Bú Lián form. Hitting the drum. Single Arrow Palm. Double Arrow Palm. Exercises to evade punches to the head and body, using footwork and body movement.
  • Body conditioning: Clashing arms, stability practice, conditioning with a bag of pebbles.

Thank you to all of those who attended the workshop, and to those who provided support with lifts (James, David) and accommodation (Wendy).

… and on Saturday evening we all went out for Thai meal in Norwich.

Pictures: Carlos, thank you!