What a week – Taiji camp with Wee Kee Jin October 2022

By Paul Fretter.

The camp was held at Langley School, Norfolk UK, and attended by over 35 residential students from the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

There were 62 hours of supervised training, with many people putting in extra practice during the intervals. Topics covered include:

  • Five exercises to relax and connect
  • Short Form
  • Long Form
  • Refined Form
  • Sanshou ( two-person form )
  • Fixed partner training – Rollback and Press, Ward-off, rollback, press and push, Yielding practice, Receiving force.
  • Free ‘pushing’ took place in the early morning – 7am to 8am, and randomly in the intervals between classes.

Thanks again Jin, for another fantastic week of training. I also wish to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who helped to make the event smooth and successful: Sally, Wendy, James, and Dmitry, and anyone else who helped as a fire marshal or with lifts etc. Also thanks to Jenn and the rest of the Langley School team for hosting us. Paul F.