Taiji workshop with Paul Fretter … 12-14th May 2023 Devon, UK

This is suitable for all levels and styles and will give a thorough explanation of the what and how to practice for maximum benefit of clarity and enjoyment. 

Dates: Friday 12th +13th + 14th May 2023
Venue: Ashburton Town Hall.  
Times: Friday 11 – 5pm Saturday 10 – 5pm Sunday 10 – 5pm
Cost: £180

To reserve your place email the organiser, Luke Shepherd. Full details will be sent via email.

Luke Shepherd | e: lukeportrait@gmail.com | t: 0753 158 4898 | w:  www.openpalm.co.uk

“The most effective way to train Taiji is to understand how the various aspects and exercises relate to each other, and then to train systematically. By highlighting the key principles at play and clarifying the methods used within our system, the workshop will equip students with the knowledge to further refine their practice.” 

Paul Fretter, 2023