9th International TAIJIQUAN Push Hands Meeting in Haßfurt am Main (Germany) 8th-11th June 2023 

 Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 08:30 to 17:00 each day

 It’s our pleasure to invite you for a FOUR-day TAIJI push hands meeting with:

Hella Ebel, Jaqcueline Ansem, Paul Fretter and Roland von Loefen. 

This meeting provides TAIJI practitioners of all styles (Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun, Fu …)  in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere to practice, to get to know, to share experiences … . But the important thing is to go deep into the art of TAIJIQUAN.  This Push Hands meeting will take place in the tradition of the Master Huang system and the manner of Wee Kee Jin’s partner work.  It is not a meeting to fight or to train for competitions. 

The theme of this event is:  Applying the classics of TAIJI (TAI CHI) for a better understanding of the principles.  In China, push hands was known in earlier days as an exercise of  “sensing and feeling “, and only sometime later was it called push hands. 

BOOKING: Contact the organiser, Roland von Loefen, Tel. +49 1703173204 or via internet (https://pushhands.jimdofree.com/home/) go to contact. 

VENUE: The Volkshochschule (Volksbildungswerk) City Haßfurt “Mainmühle”, Ringstraße 14, 97437 Haßfurt, Germany,. Tel. +49 9521 950185 

– 1 day €60
– 2 days €110
– 3 days €155
– 4 days €200

For full details pleae read the flyer >>>