School of Central Equilibrium – UK

We have several schools around the UK, with a mix of in-person and online classes available, all led by experienced instructors.

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Paul Fretter runs classes in Taijiquan and Fujian White Crane over zoom, and in person in Norwich, and runs several workshops throughout the year..

Paul has practiced and taught martial arts since the early 1980s and in 2006 was graded to 5th Dan in Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do. He began Tàijí as a student of Peter Dobson in 1991, and then followed Peter to learn together under Wee Kee Jin in 1997.  Since 2007, Paul has focussed his training on Wee Kee Jin’s Tàijí Quan and White Crane, while maintaining a personal practice of Goju Ryu.  He is actively training and teaching several classes per week in Taijiquan and Fujian Baihequan (White Crane) online (zoom) and in person in Norwich.  Paul is not currently teaching Karate except on request.

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Peter Dobson has been practising and teaching Taiji since the 1980’s, and in 1997 he introduced Wee Kee Jin to teach in the UK.  For many years Pete has taught regular Taiji classes in Norwich, but nowadays divides his time between New Zealand and the UK, For many years Peter was active as a boxing coach in Norwich.  Peter is available for private tuition in Taijiquan and Baihequan (White Crane) on request.


Peter Fletcher

Classes are led by Peter Fletcher (Sthirananda), a student of Wee Kee Jin.

T: 0114 234 9994

Venue: Sheffield Buddhist Centre Howard Road, Walkley, Sheffield S6 3RT

David Gillon and Bill Rowles run classes in Taijiquan and Fujian White Crane over zoom, and in person in Hertfordshire.

David Gillon

David Gillon has trained in several martial art styles since his early teens. He taught martial arts for many years while also studying and later teaching yoga. David received his teaching certificate from Wee Kee Jin in 2007. For the last few years, he has concentrated solely on the practice of Taiji Quan following the teachings of Wee Kee Jin, and is available for one-to-one tuition on request.


Bill Rowles

Bill Rowles has trained in several martial arts, starting with judo at the age of 12. While at University, he went on to practise karate, where his association with David began. Later, Bill attained a teacher’s certificate in Iyengar yoga, and 4th dan in Shorinryu karate. In 2005, after David’s introduction, he devoted himself to learning Wee Kee Jin’s Tàijí Quan and White Crane. He received his instructor’s certificate in 2011. After teaching in Germany (Frankfurt area), Bill has returned to the UK to join David in teaching the art.


John Linney (Prasannavira)
John Linney


t: 0781 841 0677

Allan Cunningham
Akkan Cunningham

Allan Cunningham started his martial arts training in Judo at the age of 8, and later took up Neija Quan for around 15 years. Since 2001 his passion has been for Taijiquan, as taught by Wee Kee Jin, and he has been an Instructor since 2009. Allan is also a member of the Taiji Union for Great Britain.

T: 07734 841 699 

Classes in Farringdon, London are run by Ken Olende

Ken Olende

I teach Tai Chi beginners’ classes and offer private tuition. I also run classes for pensioners’ groups and have worked with recovering addicts.

I have studied Tai Chi for 20 years and practice Yang style in the tradition of Wee Kee Jin and Master Huang Sheng-Shyan. I am a student of Wee Kee Jin and I teach with the Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium – UK.

Please visit Ken’s Taiji London website below for details of class times etc

Paul Filipiak (Nagamudra)
Paul Filipiak (Nagamudra)

Nagamudra has been studying T’ai chi for nearly 30 years, with the last 15 years with Wee Kee Jin and the Taiji School of Central Equilibrium, and 15 years previously with John Kells at the British Tai Chi Ch’uan Association.


T: 01373 463217

Classes in Brighton are led by Dharmakara, a student of Wee Kee Jin.

Classes in Lewes are led by Esaias Hobbs

Lewes Tai Chi School of Central Equilibrium 
26a Station Street
East Sussex
Tel: 01273 359 050

Luke Shepherd (1961–) is the principal instructor and founder of Open Palm Taiji and has been a Director of Tai Chi Nation.

Luke Shepherd
Luke Shepherd

Luke is a student of  Wee Kee Jin and has been practising Tai Chi since 1981.  He lives in South Devon.

I started Tai Chi training in the year Prince Charles and Lady Di tied the knot, MTV was launched with “Video Killed the Radio Star” and Ronald Reagan took oath as 40th President.

I must have needed something with more meaning!  I hadn’t even heard of Tai Chi when I attended my first class. I was totally hooked, immediately.

Luke divides his time between teaching Tai Chi, his personal training and his work as a sculptor and bronze caster.  His hobbies are playing guitar and gardening.

He offers weekly classes and online Zooms, one-on-one Zooms, workshops throughout the year and a 30-hour Online Tai Chi training course.

Regular classes: Beginners and Intermediate Taiji, Push Hands

Zoom Classes:  Beginners and Intermediate, one-on-one, Form Analysis 

Workshops:  In Devon and by invitation to other areas

Aaron Goodwin

Classes in Exeter are led by Aaron Goodwin. For further details please contact Aaron at:


t:  07745 665586