Important Taiji points from the Yang Family

  1. Raise the shén (spirit) to the crown of the head.
  2. Hán (contain – not reveal) the chest and bá (spread) the back.
  3. Song (relax) the yao (waist).
  4. Differentiate shí (substantial) from xu (insubstantial).
  5. Chén (sink) the shoulders and hang [drop] the elbows
  6. Use yì (mind intention) not lì (brute strength).
  7. Upper and lower body synchronise.
  8. Internal and external are in harmony.
  9. Be connected, without discontinuity.
  10. Seek calmness in movement.
  11. [Be like] two men sawing.
  12. I’m not a meat rack.
  13. The millstone turns but the axle does not [turn].
  14. Be an upright doll that cannot be pushed over.

By Yang Cheng-Fu